alexander may

Delightful Conjurer

Hailing from a family with a history in magic, it was almost inevitable that Alexander May would become involved in the art of magic. He was 'performing' magic with his cousins at a very young age already, and started performing professionally when he was in high school doing magic at fundraisers and award evenings. 

After leaving school he continued performing part time, until moving to Cape Town in 2005 when he became a full-time entertainer. Now, with over 18 years of performances under his belt, his magic has taken him across the world - from New York, Paris & Las Vegas to Monaco, Los Angeles & Istanbul. He has gained his experience from entertaining audiences from across the spectrum - from two people in a mud hut in rural Swaziland, to 2000 as an MC for multi-national companies, to 2 million viewers live on national television. His main work lies in corporate events where he performs for companies as well as private functions all over the country. 

When not busy performing, he creates magic props which are distributed to magicians worldwide.