Diva Disastar

magical Burlesque Artist

Whimsical and cheeky, Diva Disastar entices and entertains audiences with her sultry smile and burly buffoonery. With a penchant for bawdy humor and timely comedic effect, this Classic Burlesque Artiste is a lady of many disguises! Diva Disastar may appear sweet and innocent on the outside, but infamous for pushing boundaries, this femme fatale isn't afraid to flaunt her sizzling sexuality on stage.

As the Headmistress of Black Orchid's Burlesque Academy and Founding Member of Black Orchid Burlesque, Diva Disastar is one of the longest (and most profusely) performing Burlesque Artistes in SA. She started teasing the City of Cape Town over 10 years ago, and has valiantly earned the title "S.A.'s Dame of Burlesque" from her peers.