'Last Minute Tickets' are deeply-discounted tickets that are available shortly before a show. To receive an email notification that we have these tickets available (about 24 hours before a show), please complete the form below:

Here's how 'Last Minute' tickets work:

  • We can't guarantee there will be any seats available. If you want to be guaranteed a ticket to a show, we recommend you purchase tickets ahead of time.
  • If we have any available seats on the day before our show (i.e. Sunday), we'll make our 'Last Minute' tickets available for you to purchase.
  • We'll send an email to people interested in Last Minutes tickets an email with a special discount link.
  • In order to receive this email, you have to subscribe to our 'Last Minute' tickets list.
  • The 'Last Minute' tickets will only be available for online purchase before 16h00 on the day of the show.
  • These tickets will not be available at the door, nor can you reserve these. They have to be purchased online.
  • The discount may vary from show to show, but the tickets will always be discounted. (If seats are available)
  • We can't guarantee that groups will be seated together, unfortunately. But we will try, if possible.