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Bryan Miles

“Open Your Mind”


Meet Bryan Miles – a master of the wicked manipulation of the mind. Combining incredible mind control, unbelievable deception and impossible demonstrations, Bryan’s high octane entertainment leaves audiences reeling. Whether he is focusing on the name of someone you merely thought of, or impossibly predicting what you will do next, his award-winning abilities are without compare.
His groundbreaking 13 part Prime Time TV series, ‘One Day with Bryan Miles’ had South Africans questioning the boundaries of the human mind.

Watch the all the episodes here:

Bryan says: ‘After returning from Hollywood, where I was performing, I felt it was time to show South African audiences the true potential of the human mind on a scale that has never been done before in South Africa.’

Bryan has performed across the globe for movie stars and celebrities. His act is unequalled and is one of South Africa’s most in-demand entertainers.