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Marcel Oudejans

Founder of Cape Town Magic Club


Marcel is one of those rare magicians who is less interested in accumulating accolades from his peers than he is in creating amazing and unforgettable experiences for his audiences. As a completely self-taught magician, Marcel’s remarkable skill has been honed through years of passion and dedication to his craft and it is this that Marcel loves to share with audiences around the world.

Marcel has been a full-time professional magician since 2003 and in that time has entertained hundreds of blue-chip corporate audiences, high-profile executives and at international conferences, casinos, and luxury hotels. He has also produced and performed 3 one-man shows (Sleight of Mouth 1, Sleight of Mouth 2 & Curious Things) at the annual National Arts Festival Fringe 2013 to 2015, and the Cape Town Fringe Festivals 2014 and 2015.

With his total dedication to the audience experience, It is perhaps only natural that following on the long-running traditions of Monday Night Magic in London and New York, Marcel would be the creative force and producer behind the incarnation of Cape Town Magic Club.


Now entering its seventh season, the Magic Club has been a sell-out success – offering audiences a truly unique entertainment experience. By creating a space where magicians can connect with their audiences, and where audiences can experience the exceptional variety of local magical talent, Marcel has forever changed the profile of South African magic – taking it out of the realms of television and children’s parties and bringing it into the coolest venues in Cape Town.